Thursday, February 11, 2010

Product Review: Revlon Photoready Foundation

I got my hands on the elusive Revlon Photoready Foundation! Yay for me!    
 Now that I've patted myself on the back for that menial accomplishment, here is the product description:
                              Perfected airbrushed skin in any light
                              Complete Coverage
                              Oil Free, Fragrance Free

This foundation also includes SPF 20, which is a major bonus for me since I'm always ducking from the sun because of my hyperpigmentation issues. In the reviews that I've read it's been compared to the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, which is huge! The MUFE HD is a famous cult favorite, but it retails for about $40.00, while Revlon Photoready sells for about $14.00. I know!

The application of this foundation is smooth and very easy to blend, and you only need a small amount of product to even out your skintone. If you need additional coverage in certain areas, you can definitely build this up until you get the coverage you want.

 As much as I love this foundation, I'm gonna to give it to you straight. First, there's the issue of....the shimmer (gasp!). After application, if you take a close look you can see very small shimmer particles on your face. I'm assuming this is the light adjusting aid in the makeup,which helps it to look like your natural skin in any light setting, but who the hell looks natural with shimmer on their face? Ugh. The nice thing is after you set the foundation with powder, the shimmer subsides, and nobody will notice it unless they're all up in your personal space.

Then there's the issue of color selection. It seems like there are plenty of colors to suit lighter skin tones, but they just got lazy when they got to the deeper colors. There are a whopping three colors to choose from if you're brown....and they're not likely to be YOUR brown because there's just not enough of them. So I did what any resourceful beauty addict would do-I mixed! If money is an issue, just wait for the BOGO drugstore sales so you can purchase two.

If you have red undertones in your skin, go for the odd numbered colors, and if you have yellow undertones go for the even numbered colors. For example, since I have a neutral undertone, I mixed 008 Golden Beige with 009 Rich Ginger to get my shade, and it worked out just fine. The extra work is worth it for the coverage and natural finish.

My mom told me I look like a porcelain doll. I'll take it!

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