Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Lazy Girl's Pedicure

Ah, I'm sure you've noticed that its winter. Unfortunately, so do my feet.
Allow me to explain myself (i.e. make excuses). I've been wearing socks and boots, and I've been extra busy with the holidays, and catching up on sleep, and watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians...
Anyway, the salon is not an option due to the fact that I fell out of love with strangers playing with my toes a long time ago. Not to mention that I'm on a budget...damn you, recession!
So to rectify this situation, I concocted a method that I've deemed the Lazy Woman's Pedicure. Keep reading because you're only a few short steps away from being a lazy woman with fabulous feet!

Step 1: Start off with filling the bathtub with water as hot as you can stand. Add bubble bath for kicks and giggles.
Step 2: While sitting at the edge of the tub, soak your tootsies for about 5-10 mins, depending on how serious your situation is. I've got a full 10 ahead of me...
Step 3: Scrub feet with pumice and exfoliating body wash, or body wash mixed with salt (sugar dissolves too fast). Right now I'm into the Caress Tahitian Renewal. Anything with pomegranate is kool with me.
Step 4: Push back or cut cuticles. Whichever you prefer.
Step 5: Dry feet and moisturize! True Blue Spa's Lay It On Thick Body Cream is my fave!
Step 6: Cut and file nails.
Step 7: Polish! Complete laziness by repolishing nails with the same color you're already wearing. My current favorite pedi shade is OPI's Miami Beet. I love the way the rich red of this color looks against my pale winter skin.
Step 8: Sit back and wait for them to dry. Magazine and soothing music optional.

Peace, Love and Beauty!


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