Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hair Treat: Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment

 Hi girls!

Time for some more hair chat...

So now that I've decided to go natural, I've been exposed to this whole new world of haircare products. Unlike the products I've used in the past, these are meant to encourage the natural hair texture, not oppress it, nourish it instead of beating it into submission, and I have to say I'm totally digging the philosophy!

I put in an order for some Miss Jessie's products a few months ago, and I'm really impressed. I've especially seen a huge difference in my Lovebug's hair since I've been using the Baby Buttercreme on her. It used to be really dry looking and kind of frizzy, but now its moist, soft, and her natural curl pattern is really pronounced. Love it.

Along with a few other styling cremes, I purchased the Super Sweetback Treatment, which is a deep conditioner that contains centella extract which encourages healthy growth while nourishing the hair and weighing down curls for manageability. The conditioner itself is pink and sweet smelling, like strawberry bubblegum. The consistency is thick, heavy and dense, and when I applied it to my hair, it kind of melted and absorbed into my strands instead of coating it like many conditioners I've tried. I got the same results when I used it in my daughter's hair too, which I was pleased about since we have two completely different textures.

I applied it to my whole length of hair, concentrating on my natural roots and my dry ends, and let it sit for 30 minutes ("What is that on your head, Mom? Its pink.") like it says on the directions ("You gonna leave it on there, Mom? Why?"). I made sure to cover my hair with a plastic cap for maximum absorption ("I want some in my head too, Mom. Cuz its pink."). 

I immediately noticed a difference in the feel of my hair when it was time to rinse it out. It felt silky, soft, and really healthy. And get this: my curls actually air dried in their natural form! It didn't get all frizzy and dry looking. Just healthy, formed curls. Ha! And when I used it in my Lovebug's hair, it was sticking straight up in healthy looking coils.

The biggest difference that I've seen with this conditioner vs. commercial brands is the use of actual plant oils instead of mineral oil and other greasy, no good additives. The drawback, however, is the price. At $48 plus shipping, this will not be a staple item for me. I'll just have to savor it until its all gone...its gonna be so hard to say goodbye... until I become independently wealthy, that is.

Gotta dream big!

Until next time, Mommies!

NOTE: Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment is now available in a 2 oz. sample size for $9.00

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