Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Carol’s Daughter Love…

Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk has been around for a few years now, and there’s a ton of hype about this product. They definitely don’t need my little blog post to promote it, that’s for sure. Its popular among natural, relaxed, and blow dried women of all ethnicities, and I can totally see why!

This product is really lightweight, yet moisturizes effectively because its actually sinks into the hair instead of coating it. I apply about a dime sized amount to my little love’s damp hair, and it transforms her mane from a dry puff to moisturized and defined goodness! Have a lil’ look see:

She likes it!

I tried it in my curly hair when wet and let it air dry, and it definitely gave me soft, defined curls, but this stuff provides no hold whatsoever. I was looking a hot tangled mess when I woke the next day, and Mommy needs her second day hair!

I think I’ll just stick to using it on the kiddo.

For me, Hair Milk’s biggest selling point is that its free if parabens, petroleum, and mineral oil, and it carries Sephora’s natural seal. That means a lot to me because I purchased it specifically for my Lovebug and I want to give her hair and body the best start possible. She’s worth it.

You can pick this up at Sephora,, and Carol’s Daughter Stores.

Got Milk? Carol’s Daughter does!


  1. I have such a hard time controlling my daughters hair. Its not nappy but when its dry its very frizzy and unruly. I have been using Kinky Curl and did try Mixed Chicks. Kinky Curl works best, but sometimes I think its soo heavy for her young hair. I have always heard great things about Carols Daughter, but havent purchased anything yet. I'll def try this out and hope it helps control her mane! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Same with my daughter. Her hair doesn't hold moisture long enough to stay in control unless I use the Hair Milk. I'm getting ready to try to Kinky Curly though! I can't resist :-)
    Thanks for stopping by!


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